Customer Journeys

Customer Journeys are a new way of modelling what customers are interested in – they can be used to turn customer data into actionable insights. Customer Journey models or Process Interest Graphs (PIGs) can help to improve experience and loyalty, innovate services and glue fragmented businesses together. They can be used to produce true multi-channel and multi-device strategies.

Customer Journeys are a new way of modelling what customers are interested. A detailed model of what customers are individually interested in at different times can be generated using Process Interest Graphs (PIGs). Like Social Graphs link people with the people in their social network and Interest Graphs link people with everything that they are interested.

But Social Graphs and Interest Graphs do not deal with ‘time’ and customers want different things at different times.

So PIGs can be used to design things that involve processes, like service experiences, and they can be used to ‘glue’ collections of transactions together. Like multiple visits to stores or multiple customer touch points that use multiple channels and devices. The best thing is that PIGs can be used to model customer relationships at all time scales from the first awareness of a need or a brand to life long brand loyalty – at any level of event detail.

PIGs can be used for bottom-up modelling at individual customer, sub-segment and segment levels. So there is no need to generalise with big standardised segments – customer can be treated individually and in real-time.

PIGs can also be used for internal multi-level analyses like store versus region analyses and product line versus SKU analyses. So individual stores, products and departments can be guided through critical stages like launches, turn arounds and transformation projects.

PIGs can be used to turn customer data into actionable insights because they connect the data with what creates value for a firm.