Loyalty and CRM

Customer Loyalty and CRM strategies increasingly need to work across all channels and all devices. Customers expect seamless service not fragmented databases that forget previous interactions or generate silos.

Customers want to be remembered and they do not expect to tell you things more than once.

But most firms have silos in the form of different divisions, product groups, locations and data bases. Customer service becomes fragmented because firms are naturally fragmented into different groups of staff. It’s difficult to know everyone in your firm be an expert in everything that your firm does.

But customers expect fragmented databases and business processes to be glued together from their perspective – even if it is chaos behind the scenes.

Customer journey modelling techniques, like Process Interest Graphs (PIGs), can be used to link up and coordinate people, data and even whole supply chains so that they look seamless from the perspective of each customer. PIGs allow firms to look through the eyes of the customer – each customer – so that services can be developed from scratch as when as improved.

Best of all though is that PIGs can be a basis for automating parts of the customer relationship. Which is critical when each customer wants support via your mobile app.

Apps running on modern smartphones are set to take over from loyalty cards – and they present an opportunity for 24 hour relationships. Wherever the customer is and whenever they need your firm.

But the biggest change is that each mobile phone is a gateway to one person. So firm-to-segment relationships are turning into firm-to-individual relationships. Which generates all kinds of personalisation and customisation opportunities – if a firm can deal with that kind of complexity…