Big data + smart phone app = global as well as local, centralised as well as decentralised.

The huge data center which runs in the cloud can now connect to you via an app on your smart phone. This set up combines scale and power with precision and personalisation. Firms are starting to make apps that are really useful helpers for shoppers. Like this one for shoppers at the DIY chain Lowe’sContinue reading “Big data + smart phone app = global as well as local, centralised as well as decentralised.”

Big Data – the need for integration.

Sandy Pentland of MIT points out some of the key issues about Reinventing Society in the Wake of Big Data here. Data ownership is important because it concerns the main driver, as well as one of the main barriers, to developing Big Data services. The main driver for developing Big Data services is value creationContinue reading “Big Data – the need for integration.”

Rick Smolan – The Human Face of Big Data

Here’s a video that publicises Rick’s latest project on exploring and explaining the potential of Big Data. Big Data is like the web before we called it Web 2.0 – we’ve got some of the basic technologies but we’re still figuring out what we can do with them. Rick makes a great point: “Just imagine if yourContinue reading “Rick Smolan – The Human Face of Big Data”

PIGs (Process Interest Graphs)

Social Graphs connect people that know each other, like social networks. Interest Graphs connect people with what they are interested in. John Battelle’s been writing about them for years. If you can find out what people – retail customers, business customers or colleagues – are interested in then that is the first step to actually givingContinue reading “PIGs (Process Interest Graphs)”

Loyalty cards are changing into loyalty apps.

Loyalty cards are great at linking together the different visits that a shopper makes to a store so that the retailer can build up a better picture of what the shopper is interested in buying. But its like studying the shopper’s life through a key hole – its only about what they do in theContinue reading “Loyalty cards are changing into loyalty apps.”

The secret is knowing what they want.

“Any colour you like as long as it’s any colour you like” Martin Hayward, dunnhumby white paper, 2009. If you know what customers want then you can it sell to them or give them great service. Of course there’s the small matter of producing and supplying. But however sophisticated your capabilities are you first needContinue reading “The secret is knowing what they want.”