Where to Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Business and How to Start

(A version of this article without the links, recently appeared in the University of Nottingham Alumni Newsletter) Many companies are rushing to use AI technology. But first things first. Where should we start? There are tasks that AIs do much better than humans… but there are tasks where humans remain light years ahead of AIs.Continue reading “Where to Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Business and How to Start”

How do you get the data you need? Even when you don’t know what’s out there or even if it exists?

My new post on LinkedIn is about how looking for the right data is like looking for a needle in  a haystack. But we found a way to match data generators with data users – even for unpredictable data needs.

“Data Trusts” are a potential way to get data to train AIs. But how do we shepherd a whole flock of Trusts?

My new blog on LinkedIn is about the organisations which will deal with all the data that our AIs will need to work well. How do we make sure these organisations do not stray?

AIs need to be accountable when they makes choices.

One type of AI software uses neural nets to recognise patterns in data – and it’s increasingly being used by tech firms like Google and IBM. This type of AI is good at spotting patterns but there is no way to explain why it does so. Which is a bit of a problem when the decisions need to be fully accountable and explainable.