Why Big Data needs board level sponsorship

Econsultancy just published a really useful free report: Big Data Trends Briefing: Key takeaways from Digital Cream London 2013.They were kind enough to include a few quotes from me but the reason I like it even more than that is the huge number of examples, case studies and other resources that it highlights. It’s aContinue reading “Why Big Data needs board level sponsorship”

What retailers want – and how to get it (3/3)

New Analytic Strategies: lots of new toys plus Big Data – what to do now? The key objectives of Retail remain the same. Measures like recency, frequency and value are what defines the profitability of the different retail ‘entities’ such as SKUs, lines, ranges, single stores, regions, chains, brands, campaigns, seasons, segments, channel and evenContinue reading “What retailers want – and how to get it (3/3)”

What retailers want – and how to get it (1/3).

Retail is being disrupted by lots of new technologies right now. The social media that networks shoppers together in lots of different ways. The mobile devices that people use anywhere and everywhere as well as the apps that run on these devices. And the Big Data that shoppers and supply chains continuously generate. But the technologyContinue reading “What retailers want – and how to get it (1/3).”

Big Data – the need for integration.

Sandy Pentland of MIT points out some of the key issues about Reinventing Society in the Wake of Big Data here. Data ownership is important because it concerns the main driver, as well as one of the main barriers, to developing Big Data services. The main driver for developing Big Data services is value creationContinue reading “Big Data – the need for integration.”