My new Econsultancy post – How purchase intent data can help you understand the customer journey.

I’ve a new post on Econsultancy, the digital marketing blog. It’s from some research I’ve just done with Maybe*: How do millennial shoppers decide what to buy? We’ve shone a light into the dark recesses of the customer journey. The earlier on along the shopper journey you go then the less you know. But earlier onContinue reading “My new Econsultancy post – How purchase intent data can help you understand the customer journey.”

Socialising your data: Social data needs intermediaries

Any single retailer gets a very limited view of its customers’ lives – just the part of their lives that it helps them with. But deep insights need to be based on very broad views of customers’ personal contexts, which are understood by looking at lots of different aspects of their lives. The social dataContinue reading “Socialising your data: Social data needs intermediaries”

What retailers want – and how to get it (2/3)

Indispensable Customer Experience How many loyalty cards do you have in your pocket? How many loyalty schemes are you a member of? … That’s not very loyal is it? Most loyalty programmes are just bribery in return for customer data. But if each customer’s experience of a brand, through several cycles of awareness to consumption,Continue reading “What retailers want – and how to get it (2/3)”

They are looking at you: Google’s telescope versus Facebook’s telescope.

I love the way that Google+ is an even bigger reason to login and give Google a token to link together all my other interactions with Google products. Each of which tells Google a little bit about what I’m interested in. Google products are not there to get customers to use the web, they’re thereContinue reading “They are looking at you: Google’s telescope versus Facebook’s telescope.”

Big data + smart phone app = global as well as local, centralised as well as decentralised.

The huge data center which runs in the cloud can now connect to you via an app on your smart phone. This set up combines scale and power with precision and personalisation. Firms are starting to make apps that are really useful helpers for shoppers. Like this one for shoppers at the DIY chain Lowe’sContinue reading “Big data + smart phone app = global as well as local, centralised as well as decentralised.”

PIGs (Process Interest Graphs)

Social Graphs connect people that know each other, like social networks. Interest Graphs connect people with what they are interested in. John Battelle’s been writing about them for years. If you can find out what people – retail customers, business customers or colleagues – are interested in then that is the first step to actually givingContinue reading “PIGs (Process Interest Graphs)”

Loyalty cards are changing into loyalty apps.

Loyalty cards are great at linking together the different visits that a shopper makes to a store so that the retailer can build up a better picture of what the shopper is interested in buying. But its like studying the shopper’s life through a key hole – its only about what they do in theContinue reading “Loyalty cards are changing into loyalty apps.”

The secret is knowing what they want.

“Any colour you like as long as it’s any colour you like” Martin Hayward, dunnhumby white paper, 2009. If you know what customers want then you can it sell to them or give them great service. Of course there’s the small matter of producing and supplying. But however sophisticated your capabilities are you first needContinue reading “The secret is knowing what they want.”